Personalized Care for your Employees/Patients
Monitor and Manage Health Risks, Reduce your Healthcare Costs

Remote Intelligence

Let your network provider remotely monitor your employees’ health risks using a device-enabled remote wellness monitoring system that features a thermometer, glucose meter, BMI, BP, pulse detector, and a weighing scale etc. Your employees/members can instantly upload data in seconds from their home or office. Minimal training is required and kits come as fully managed, ready-to-use options. Your employees/members can use their own iOS device to connect the devices.

Personalized Service

The Witty Health platform is designed to provide complete and safe virtual visits and more than just a video conferencing capability. It provides a seamless experience to your employees/members to consult with their physicians from anywhere. It reduces healthcare costs that are associated with expensive Emergency Room and physician office visits for routine issues.

Clinical Prevention

Health risk monitoring via biometrics helps physicians to initiate preventive interventions and mitigate risks of expensive clinical interventions and lost productivity. You can incentivize your employees/members to maintain certain biometrics (such as blood pressure or blood glucose) and also to purchase healthier foods that have been personally recommended by a Registered Dietitian through Witty Health’s partner stores. This improves both your employee’s/member’s wellness and the company’s bottom line