Monitor Toxicity and Risks, Preserve Quality of Life, Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

Intelligent Drugs

Our Intelligent Drugs are the same FDA approved drugs but enabled with their own custom digital Apps that allow physicians to remotely monitor their patient's health risks and drug toxicity. Patients on our Smart Drugs can instantly enter toxic symptoms and upload device data such as blood pressure, pulse or ECG in seconds from their home or office. Drugs are aided by intelligent tools that flag toxicity alerts to providers.

Personalize Treatments

The Witty Health Intelligent Drugs are designed to help physicians personalize treatments based with patient engagement and dose titration. Providers can engage patients via secure messaging and video conferencing for safe virtual visits. This helps reduce costs of expensive Emergency Room visits, hospitalization and office visits for routine drug toxicity issues.

Provider Compensation

The monitoring of patients who are on our smart drugs is not a separate service but approved as prescription drugs. Our agreements with Payers enable providers to get compensated for their add on service of symptom monitoring because it saves money for payers due to reduced ER visits. This improves your patient satisfaction, payers', patients’ and your bottom line.