A first of its kind Four-in-One Value Based Platform


Analysis of healthcare expenses of 26 largest employers by American Health Policy Institute shows one common finding across employers healthcare costs. It is that health care costs are concentrated among a relatively small percentage of high need individuals, those who cost $50,000 or more in one year. These “high cost claimants,” as they are called, are at the top of a long list of the most expensive sources of health care costs. In fact high cost claimants comprise 31 percent of total spending. To lower employers healthcare costs, these high cost claimants are to be identified, monitored, and helped extensively to bend the annual healthcare costs. To find out how Witty Health can help you achieve this please CONTACT US TODAY



Witty Health is a four-in-one  (Telemedicine + Remote Monitoring + Diagnosis + Patient Engagement) care continuum platform to help employers and payers implement health risk montoring and management that fits their strategic goals. To find out how Witty Health can help you achieve lower your costs please CONTACT US TODAY


Witty Health platform is a first-in-class value based platform to address both chronic and acute healthcare costs. This platform facilitates remote monitoring of biometrics to identify high risk employees/members, helps physicians intervene early, build strong local provider-patient relationship and continually engage employee all of which leads to better satisfaction and improved outcomes for patients and their payers. To find out how Witty Health can help you achieve lower your healthcare costs please CONTACT US TODAY


Witty Health provides a HIPPA compliant remote monitoring and telemedicine enabled health risk management platform. E-Visits are simple and cost effective and can be designed for small and large organizations.

Witty Health provides a Behavioral Platform to incentivize healthier purchasing habits with the assistance of a personal Registered Dietitian.

Witty Health builds in a set of adjustable parameters that is the basis of an Incentivization Engine.  Payers, Employers, and Individuals with High Deductible Health Plans can set their own parameters to get rewarded for healthier behaviors and improved health status. To find out how Witty Health can help you achieve lower your total health risks and manage it please CONTACT US TODAY