Personalize Treatment with our Intelligent Drugs
Monitor Toxicity and Risks, Preserve Quality of Life, Improve Outcomes and Reduce Costs

Intelligent Drugs

Our Intelligent Drugs are wrapped with software tools that allow physicians to watch their patient's health risks and drug toxicity remotely. Patients on our intelligent medications can instantly enter toxic symptoms and upload data such as blood pressure, pulse or ECG in seconds from their home or office. Drugs are aided by intelligent tools that flag toxicity alerts to providers.

Personalize Treatments

The Witty Health Intelligent Drugs are designed to help physicians personalize treatments with patient engagement and dose titration. Providers can engage patients via secure messaging and video conferencing for safe virtual visits. This helps personalize treatment and reduce costs of expensive ER visits, hospitalization and office visits for routine drug toxicity issues.

Provider Compensation

The monitoring of patients who are on smart drugs is not a separate service. Our SmartDrugs are approved as prescription drugs. Our agreements with Payers enable providers to get compensated for their add-on service of symptom monitoring because it saves money for payers due to reduced ER visits. This improves your patient satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Witty Health drug-devices find application in many settings.
A first of its kind Value Based Intelligent Drugs



According to the American Cancer Society, cancer patients paid nearly $4 billion out-of-pocket for cancer treatments in 2014. Cancer represents a significant proportion of total U.S. health care spending. Roughly $87.8 billion was spent in 2014 in the U.S. on cancer-related health care. Some of these costs are due to drug toxicity and symptom exacerbation that lead to ER visits, Hospitalization and lost earnings during cancer treatment. To lower such healthcare costs, the drug toxicity must be monitored and managed to bend the preventable healthcare costs. To find out how Witty Health can help you achieve this, please CONTACT US TODAY



Witty Health Drug-Device product is a drug wrapped with a four-in-one  (Video Conferencing + Remote Monitoring + Triage Pathways + Patient Engagement) care continuum platform that helps payers and providers to implement health risk monitoring of patients who are on our Intelligent Medications. To find out how Witty Health can help you lower your treatment costs, please CONTACT US TODAY.



Witty Health platform is a first-in-class value-based drug-device combination product to address healthcare costs of cancer and related conditions. Our drug-device products facilitate remote monitoring of symptoms and biometrics to help physicians intervene early, builds strong provider-patient relationships and continually engage patients. These lead to better patient satisfaction and improved outcomes for patients and their payers. To find out how Witty Health drug-devices can help you lower your healthcare costs, please CONTACT US TODAY.



Witty Health software-wrapped drugs are enabled with HIPPA compliant telemedicine, messaging, symptom monitoring, enabled with FDA approved devices as needed and triage pathways specific to drugs and indications. Patients on our medications can remotely send toxicity, side effects, desired vital information based on the medication and the indication for which they are treated to their providers.

To find out how Witty Health products can help you lower your total health risks, please CONTACT US TODAY.

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